Cake Hearts
Cake pop filling decorated with Delicious chocolate and decorated to co ordinate with your day.
Available in chocolate or vanilla filling.

Minimum order of 12.
Mini Donuts
Bite size mini donuts perfect for any dessert table as an extra treat for your guests.

Minimum order of 30.
Mini popsicles filled with cake. Tasty cake pop filling covered in a delicious chocolate coating and decorated to co ordinate with your wedding day.

Minimum order of 12.
Cake Fork/pops
Bite size cake pieces coated in chocolate and displayed on forks or cake pop sticks

Minimum order of 16
Biscuit Favours
A Soft Vanilla biscuit covered in Fondant and personalised to Match your wedding theme.
Biscuits come individually wrapped.

Photo by Ayshea Goldberg
Macaron Favours
Macarons are a moreish almond based cookie, and filled with a choice of 4 fillings.
They can either come as single box or a double box.

Minimum order of 30.
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